Stephen Prina

Stephen Prina

Professor of Visual and Environmental Studies

on leave 2018-19

Prina: MFA, California Institute of the Arts; BFA, Northern Illinois University.... Read more about Stephen Prina

Carpenter Center 302b
prina [at] fas.harvard.edu
(617) 384-8359

Matt Saunders

Harris K. Weston Associate Professor of the Humanities

Grounded in painting, Saunders' work makes porous and provocative relationships with other forms, especially photography, printmaking and installations of animated films.... Read more about Matt Saunders

msaunders [at] fas.harvard.edu
Nora Schultz

Nora Schultz

Assistant Professor of Visual and Environmental Studies

On leave 2018-19

Schultz is a German artist who creates sculptural installations involving methods of archaeology, anthropology, and linguistics. Often, her sculptural works are also the protagonists of her performances. ... Read more about Nora Schultz

John Stilgoe

Robert and Lois Orchard Professor in the History of Landscape

A 2015-16 Harvard William Channing Cabot Fellow and most recently author of Old Fields: Photography, Glamour, and Fantasy Landscape (UVA Press, 2014) and What Is Landscape? (MIT Press,  2016), Stilgoe has written many books,... Read more about John Stilgoe

(617) 495-1949