Nathan Roberts

Nathan Roberts

Graduate Student in Film and Visual Studies
Teaching Fellow
Nathan Roberts

Nathan Roberts is a fourth-year graduate student in Film and Visual Studies, and a recent recipient of the Merit/Graduate Society Research Fellowship from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Harvard. His work pushes for a reinvigoration of the concept of “mediation” in film and media theory, arguing that processes of mediation enable one to establish dynamic relationships with, and creatively imagine the existential possibilities of, the configured world. He thereby considers film as a means by which one is affected by mediated relationships – for existential ends.

He has presented papers at Harvard, Yale, New York, and Aarhus Universities; as well as the University of California, Berkley; the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference; and the Film-Philosophy Conference. His writing has been featured on the Los Angeles Review of Books and, and he is the author of a memoir about media called Surface Tensions: Searching for Sacred Connection in a Media-Saturated World (Hendrickson, 2016). In 2018, he curated the film series Caught in the Net: The Early Internet in the Paranoid Imagination for the Harvard Film Archive, in partnership with the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston.

He loves teaching and has served as a Teaching Fellow for several undergraduate courses. He has also taught online through the Harvard Extension School and teaches a course for Harvard’s Pre-College Summer Program titled “Media Journalism: Aesthetics and Ethics, Race and Politics.”

He has lived in Southern California, Texas, New York, Prague, and Berlin, and loves a Golden Retriever named Luna.

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