Film/Video and Animation

Robb Moss

Robb Moss

Harvard College Professor
Chair, Department of Visual and Environmental Studies

On leave 2017-18

Robb Moss's most recent project, Containment, is about the disposition of nuclear waste for now and for the next 10,000 years. ... Read more about Robb Moss

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Lucien Castaing-Taylor

Professor of Visual Arts and Anthropology
Director, Sensory Ethnography Lab (SEL); Director, Film Study Center
Co-Director of Graduate Studies, Critical Media Practice; Interim Chair, Department of Visual and Environmental Studies, Fall 2018


Castaing-Taylor is an anthropologist whose work conjugates art's negative capability with an ethnographic attachment to the flux of life and a political engagement with the pressing ecological challenges of our day.... Read more about Lucien Castaing-Taylor

Steven Ascher

Steven Ascher

Visiting Professor of Visual and Environmental Studies, 2017-18

Steven Ascher is an Academy Award-nominated filmmaker and writer. His feature documentaries include Troublesome Creek (Sundance Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award), So Much So Fast (Sundance premiere), and Raising Renee (HBO; Emmy nominee, Outstanding Arts and Culture Programming).... Read more about Steven Ascher

Alfred Guzzetti

Alfred Guzzetti

Osgood Hooker Professor of Visual Arts

Guzzetti’s films include the feature-length Family Portrait Sittings (1975), the first in an autobiographical cycle that continued with Scenes from Childhood (1980) and Time Exposure (2012). ... Read more about Alfred Guzzetti

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Ruth Lingford

Ruth Lingford

Senior Lecturer on Visual and Environmental Studies
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Lingford has been making short animated films since studying fine art and art history at Middlesex (1987–1990) and animation at the MA level at the Royal College of Art (1990–92). Her films have been broadcast by Channel 4 in the UK, and have won many awards all over the world.... Read more about Ruth Lingford

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Andy London

Andy London

Visiting Lecturer on Visual and Environmental Studies, Spring 2018

Andy London is a writer, director, animator, educator and co-founder of London Squared. He has been creating graphic novels, films, art installations and animated content since 1992.... Read more about Andy London

Guy Maddin

Guy Maddin

Visiting Lecturer on Visual and Environmental Studies, 2017-18

Guy Maddin is an installation & internet artist, writer and filmmaker, the director of eleven feature-length movies, including The Forbidden Room (2015), My Winnipeg (2007), The Saddest Music in the World (2003), and innumerable shorts.... Read more about Guy Maddin

Ross McElwee

Ross McElwee

Professor of the Practice of Filmmaking


McElwee has made ten feature-length documentaries as well as a number of shorter films.... Read more about Ross McElwee

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Joana Pimenta

Joana Pimenta

College Fellow in Visual and Environmental Studies, 2017-18

Joana Pimenta is a filmmaker and writer from Portugal who lives and works in Lisbon, the U.S. and Brazil.... Read more about Joana Pimenta

Dan Rowe

Daniel Rowe

Visiting Lecturer on Visual and Environmental Studies, Fall 2017

Daniel Rowe received his BFA from Massachusetts College of Art in 2007 and received his MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University 2013.... Read more about Daniel Rowe