Open Sessions: Crucible/Bench


Tue - Fri, Apr 11 to Apr 14, 12:00pm - 6:00pm


Carpenter Center Level 1, Plaza

Open SessionsExhibition Apr 11-14, 2017, 12–6 pm
Workshop Thur, Apr 13, 2017, 1 pm & 4 pm
Level 1, Plaza

Owen Borges and Branson Laszlo present Crucible, a plaster model of Le Corbusier's Carpenter Center that mimics not only his "calm and powerful" design, but also the process by which the building was constructed. Crucible is accompanied by It Leaks! by Phoebe West and Cynthia Gu, Addition by Lia Mondavi and Kate Schember, and Mirror by Ryan Chester and Kate Steinman.

Kiyoto Koseki presents Bench—A Choreographic Workshop. This workshop will utilize gestures taken from everyday behavior to generate an algorithmic choreography that will culminate in a collective performance. RSVP to to participate.


Open Sessions is a platform for VES students and students taking VES courses to imagine the Carpenter Center’s spaces as testing sites. Open Sessions 2017 takes place in the outdoor plaza, the “Pit,” a space where social and public spheres come together. 

Please join us for these short-term installations from April 11–14. Free and open to the public.