Deadline for Applications to Concentrate in VES


Thursday, October 26, 2017, 5:00pm


Do you want to Concentrate in VES?

Applications are due on Thursday October 26 for sophomores.

What is VES?

The concentration in Visual and Environmental Studies cultivates skills in both the practice and the critical study of the visual arts. Its components include photography, filmmaking, animation, video art, painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture, as well as film and visual studies, critical theory, and the study of the built environment.

How do I become a concentrator?

There is a quick application process to be a VES concentrator. You will need to have a minimum GPA of 3.0, and you need to have taken at least one VES course, or be in the process of taking one, in your area of focus, (a film/video production course for the film/video production track, a studio arts course for the studio arts track, etc.) at the time of application submission.

When is the application due?

The application is due on Thursday, October 26 by 5pm. The VES Honors Board reviews applications. You will be notified if your application is successful or not before the College’s concentration declaration deadline of November 9 so that you can plan accordingly.

Pre-Concentrator Drop-in Office Hours:

Find out all you need to know about concentrating in VES the week before the application is due.
When: Every day from Thursday, Oct. 19 through Thursday, Oct. 26, 10am-1pm, or by appointment.
Where: Paula Soares’ office in the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, 24 Quincy St., Level 1, Office 102

Additional Information:

Professor Ruth Lingford is the director of undergraduate studies in VES at Paula Soares is the manager of academic programs in VES at, 617-496-4469. E-mail or call them for more information or to set up a meeting.