Courses in Other Departments

Courses in History of Art and Architecture, Theater, Dance and Media, and some courses in the domain of cultural studies may be counted for concentration credit for concentrators, subject to the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Ordinarily, not more than two courses taken outside Visual and Environmental Studies may be so counted.

Students interested in taking additional courses for concentration credit outside the department should consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the Manager of Academic Programs prior to enrolling if the course, if possible.

All concentrators are required to submit a Course Requirement Substitution Form petitioning for credit for a non-departmental course, along with an active link to the syllabus for the course.

The following courses have been approved for VES concentrators, not secondary field students, to take for departmental elective credit. 

FALL 2018

AFRAMER 199Z: Majesty and Mythology in African Art

A&IU 59: Nazi Cinema--The Art of Propaganda

HIST-LIT 90DK: Asian/American Graphic Novels

HIST-LIT 90DL: Global Hollywood

ITAL 114: Italian Cinema Bucket List


EAFM 151: Documenting China on Film

EAFM 204: Three Times + 1: Transitional Moments in Film and Media Culture in Japan


ENGLISH CALR: Advanced Screenwriting Workshop

ENGLISH CLR: Introduction to Screenwriting

ENGLISH CDWR: Writing the Documentary

TDM 150: The Art of Scenography--20th and 21st Century Directorial Concepts and Set Design

TDM 159A: Fictional Architecture


EAFM 127: Frames in Time: Korean Cinema as History and Filmmaking

ENGLISH CALR: Advanced Screenwriting Workshop

ENGLISH CLR: Introduction to Screenwriting

FOLKMYTH 172: Quilts and Quiltmaking

JAPNLIT 162: Girl Culture, Media, and Japan

SCAND 55: One Hundred Years of Scandinavian Cinema


ADV-9151 (at the Graduate School of Design): Entanglement of Movement and Meaning: The Architect, Spatial Perception and the Technological Body