About Limited-Enrollment Courses

How do I get into VES limited-enrollment courses?

You may hear that it is difficult to get into VES courses. This is not true, however, there is a process involved for admission. The majority of courses offered in Visual and Environmental Studies have enrollment caps of either 10 or 12 students. This is because the majority of VES courses are “making” courses, meaning students create artworks or films, and the optimal way to conduct these courses is in small groups. Some seminars are also limited-enrollment. To be admitted to a VES course, simply go to the first meeting of the class, meet the instructor and teaching assistant or teaching fellow, and shop the course in real time.  The instructor will give you all the information you need to take the course. Sending an e-mail to the instructor in advance of the first meeting isn’t necessary. Definitely plan to have a second and third choice course if you don’t get a spot in your first choice course. During the first week of classes, “shopping week,” students are fortunate to be able to check out a lot of different courses before deciding on their plan of study by the course registration deadline.