Billy Orman

Teaching Assistant

VES 67R, Persuasive Projections: Film, Video & Moving Image Installation (Bornstein)
VES 164, Video, Performance, Narrative, Text, Actions (Bornstein)

John Quirk

Teaching Assistant

VES 53AR, Fundamentals of Animation (Bush)
VES 153BR, Animation in Depth (Bush)

Laura Beth Reese

Teaching Assistant

VES 40a, Introduction to Still Photography (Killip)

Sally Scopa

Teaching Assistant

VES 97, Sophomore Tutorial (Saunders)

Joel Seidner

Teaching Assistant

VES 14, Making Things: Form, Function and Materials (Burin)
VES 34, Sculptural Dimensions (Schultz)

A. Spinney

Teaching Assistant

VES 35R, Building Thought (Lemieux)
VES 123R, Post Brush (Lemieux)

VES 99, Senior Thesis (studio)
Digital Classroom

Mingyi Yu

Graduate Student in Film and Visual Studies
Teaching Fellow

Mingyi Yu is a third-year PhD student in the Film and Visual Studies program at Harvard University.

mingyiyu [at] fas.harvard.edu