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December 2014: Katarina Burin's exhibition, Pre-Arranged Comfort

In an article on SFGate.com, Katarina Burin talks about combining the real and the fake in her exhibition Pre-Arranged Comfort. The show is on view at Ratio 3 in San Francisco through December 20.

Katarina Burin, Pre-arranged Comfort, Ratio 3, San Francisco


December 2014: Ross McElwee films released in box set

A recent Boston Globe article highlights The Ross McElwee Collection, which includes Sherman's March (1986) and Bright Leaves (2004), as well as four more documentaries not released previously on DVD.

Ross McElwee, Bright Leaves


November 2014: Katarina Burin at Ratio 3, San Francisco

Pre-arranged Comfort, an exhibition of new work by Katarina Burin, opens at Ratio 3 in San Francisco on November 7. Read about the exhibition, which consists of sculptures, models, architectural interventions, and objects referencing multiple scales, on the gallery's website.

Katarina Burin, Pre-arranged Comfort, Ratio 3, San Francisco


October 2014: A Tribute to Robert Gardner

The Harvard Film Archive and the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts will pay tribute to Robert Gardner on November 1. Read about Gardner's legacy and the event on the HFA's website.

Robert Gardner


October 2014: Filmmaking in VES

An article in the Crimson explores the filmmaking track in VES and explains how, with its emphasis on liberal arts education, it differs from conservatory-style film programs.

Harvard logo


October 2014: Robb Moss on a few of his favorite documentaries

In the Boston Globe, Professor Robb Moss discusses some of his favorite documentary films, including those by fellow faculty members Alfred Guzzetti (Family Portrait Sittings, 1975), Ross McElwee (Time Indefinite, 1993), and Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Verena Paravel (Leviathan, 2012).

Harvard logo


October 2014: Chris Killip at the Getty

The Getty Museum's recent acquisition of 49 prints by Professor Chris Killip is highlighted in "This Just In: The Sublime in the Everyday," an article in the museum's online magazine, Iris. Killip will present an artist talk on his work at the Getty Center on October 19 at 4:30.

Chris Killip, 'Stevie' Quirk, Raby Farm, Glen Maye, Isle of Man.


September 2014: Joshua Oppenheimer '97 named MacArthur Fellow

Documentary filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer '97, a Special Concentration student who studied filmmaking in VES, was named a 2014 MacArthur Fellow. His latest films include The Act of Killing (2012), for which he received an Oscar nomination, and The Look of Silence (2014).

Joshua Oppenheimer '97


September 2014: Sharon Harper at the Gallery at Hermès, Rick Wester Fine Art

An exhibition of Professor Sharon Harper's photographs, From Above and Below, is on view at the Gallery at Hermès in New York through November 7. At Rick Wester Fine Art in New York, Harper's work is featured in Shifting Views, the gallery's second exhibition of her photographs. Read an interview with Professor Harper about her work in Whitewall Magazine.

Sharon Harper, Moon Studies and Star Scratches No. 2, 2003.


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